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ahh today was so much fun! MY exams weren't too bad.. I know I didn't fail or anything.. so that's good. After the exams I felt really hyper and happy and madalyn, jessie, and I were running around being silly while we were waiting for our friend Gabe to finish his choral exam! When Gabe finished up we all piled into his car and we drove to the top of this parking deck on top of 7th street uptown and Jessie and Gabe s'ed some p. Madalyn and I just filmed them and made fun of them.. Jessie some how got it all over her teeth and it was really funny. Her and gabe went out side the car and were talking when madalyn and I were filming shit when this security guard comes up. We thought they caught them on cam s'in p or something so Gabe and Jessie ran away. It turns out that we just weren't allowed to have a camera on the top deck or something.. ?.. anyway so we ran around looking for Gabe and Jessie but we lost them for about an hour or more. We found them eventually and they were so scared. They felt bad for making us run around looking for them for an hour.. so gabe bought us some sushi! mm! Then we went to this cute little cafe called Tic Tac Cafe. It was really nice and cozy in there.. and Gabe bought me a sandwich.. which was really great.. and it came with fruit so I felt like I was fulfilling my dietary plans. The lil cafe was closing up so we walked to Starbucks and we played cranium.. or tried to anyway. I think Madalyn and I won.. but I don't know if we really played the right way! After that shizzle we walked back to the parking deck. We realized that we had been parked there for a long time.. and Gabe didn't want to pay the parking fee, so we followed this car really closely, and when the bar lifted for them to exit, we zoomed right after it before the bar came back down. It was sneaky/scar/so fucking fun. We were going like 90mph in a parking deck.. it was fun.

The day was just really fun and I had a great time.. I laughed like the whole day.. well except for when M and I lost G and J.. that sucked and I was kinda pissed. I've never really hung out with Gabe before.. he's so nice! he's going to burn me a copy of this Flaming Lips CD.. and I'm excited because I like them a lot. I hope we get to hang out more often :).

But yeah I feel sooooooo much better today.. I felt so sun shiny and more clear and just.. better! I liked it. I think I'm getting back to normal now...
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