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"I never really liked that giant chili pepper that is lodged in the ground very much.."

today was fun. Madalyn and I rode the bus to Chili's and ate a little there.. soon afterwards we headed over to Manifest. We looked around at the CDs there.. i decided to pick a random CD that i had never heard of before.. it ended up being this funk/raggae type thing.. It is okay I guess.. i suppose it is woth 5 bucks. I also got some more insense. Madalyn got a flaming lips CD.. i'm jealous. I didn't have enough money for that shit. She also got a Bjork VHS.. it is a concert of some sort.

now I'm home.. i have some fruit now.. i might go chow on some of that.

madalyn posing by the giant chili.. immigrant style.
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