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safetydancer's Journal

Alyssa Jayne
13 June
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My name is Alyssa.

I like art. I like music. I like food.

I value LiveJournal.com more than my life.

That's all you really need to know, right?

Some Shiet

"check it out", "everyone wins here", 12 sticks of butter, :p face, algonac, aliens, amanda, animals, anti-drugs, aol instant messenger, art, bands, beef jerky, being alone, being ambiguous, being scared, betty, birkdale, blankets, boys, brandon chase, cameras, candy, carnivals, chick fil a, citre shine, coke, computers, concerts, confusion, crying, cumfarts, curls, dancing, dating games, david bowie, david walker, day dreaming, decon 1, delicate things, denial, donkey kong country 2, drawing, drums, dustin's bed, eye contact, eyelashes, eyes, feeling loved, fingers, flowers, friends, genie, gir, girls, go, goldfish, graphic art, green, guitar, hair, hands, harry potter, hating feet, hating medicine, heartbreak, history, hunter crews, interests, internet jargin, invader zim, jawbreakers, jeans, jessie, jessie hoffman, jessika danielle filthaut, kungfu hamster, lady, laughing, lava lamps, learning, lexie, life, lily, lipstuff, live journal, lord of the rings, lust, madalyn cowan, magic, make-up, mascara, memories, messiness, mib, momentos, moons, movies, music, my hammock, nail polish, necks, news, nightmare before christmas vhs, not fitting in, nwsa, painting, people, photogrpahy, pictures, pillow cases, plants, poetry, pointlessness, profound thoughts, progress, raspberry lemonade, red hair, s.c.i.e.n.c.e., salsa, salt, scary movies, shoes, shooter, shop 9, shoulders, singing, sleeping, smiling, sneaking out, songs, stalking, stars, steves, stories, the internet, the sims, the zipper, tostitos, trees, vainity, wahoos, warm clothes, warm towels, webcams, wedding dresses, word, writing, www.dictionary.com, you