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Alyssa Jayne's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Alyssa Jayne

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NEW LJ NAME PEOPLE [09 Feb 2003|10:18am]
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[29 Jan 2003|08:49pm]
hey guys.. i got a new LJ so check your friends lists for a new addition..
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[28 Jan 2003|05:47pm]
[ mood | blah ]

well :\.. webspawner is an asshole and wont let me upload pics from their server anymore :(.. does anyone know where I can upload pics for free? I'm pissed.. all those pics are just gone. I don't know why my LJ bg is still up.. but whatev..

so yeah.. help.

I was thinking of getting a new LJ.. one that only MI people and internet people would know. My LJ name was kind of accidently spread recently and it kinda makes me uncomfortable.. and I never really liked having people from charlotte having access to my LJ since their friends have access to it as well. It kind of sucks cuz I've had this one up since Sept 2001. My fault I guess.. plus.. there is a lot of shit in here that is so stupid and just a lot of bad memories.. So I'm just gunna get rid of it.

Does anyone have an extra LJ-code they'd like to lend me?

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buzzzzzz [27 Jan 2003|10:18pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

As much as I want to keep different aspects of my lie separate.. they seem to bleed together and things are getting so foggy. I don't know if I should even worry about it. I really don't know what I'm worried about anyway.

My heart is pounding.. just as it always is around this time of night.. I feel like... a tiny little bee in a tiny little room with one huge window.. and I just keep smacking into it over and over.. because all I see is what is on the other side. there is a small opening.. but I have to wait for it to open up more so that it is obvious enough for me to zoom through. I guess even a bee starts to get tired after days of repeatedly hitting a window.. they either take a break and get back at it the next day.. or they shrivel up and die on the window sill from either insanity or hemorrhage. And I suppose it would be just a bee's luck to finally fly through and fly into a spider web. Maybe not though.. maybe that little be could hit the window pane in such a way that it shatters! and they break through into brilliant shades of orange and yellow and ultraviolet purples... and they are free to take shelter in the velvet-lined petals of the flower in which they had been focusing on for so long. Perhaps the nectar would be sweeter.. and the scent much more therapeutic than ever before. If its flower is not yet picked by more available hands, that is.

If only the bee did not need the security of the tiny house to begin with.

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"get your nasty ass wet wood off me!" [27 Jan 2003|08:43pm]
[ mood | full ]

Today after school.. Madayln, David, and I went to Caribou Coffee.. like we usually do... and we messed around with my cam. David is so cute and lil!

anyway.. here is the evidence!

Witness the Miracle of CaribouCollapse )

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"I never really liked that giant chili pepper that is lodged in the ground very much.." [26 Jan 2003|07:52pm]
[ mood | calm ]

today was fun. Madalyn and I rode the bus to Chili's and ate a little there.. soon afterwards we headed over to Manifest. We looked around at the CDs there.. i decided to pick a random CD that i had never heard of before.. it ended up being this funk/raggae type thing.. It is okay I guess.. i suppose it is woth 5 bucks. I also got some more insense. Madalyn got a flaming lips CD.. i'm jealous. I didn't have enough money for that shit. She also got a Bjork VHS.. it is a concert of some sort.

now I'm home.. i have some fruit now.. i might go chow on some of that.

madalyn posing by the giant chili.. immigrant style.
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[26 Jan 2003|12:48pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

i think i'm gunna stop with the friends only thing. i always forget to make them friends-only anyway. I just seems like it defeats the whole purpose of a LIVE journal. ! so there you go. you are free to read my life and.. you know.. think whatever you like.

well i'm out of here.. time for a shower.

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boy am I lucky! [25 Jan 2003|06:48pm]
[ mood | content ]

holy shit.. i knew this tyrannous bordem would pay off! While i was going through all my old junk, I pulled this baby out:

please tell me this isn't the discovery of the centruyCollapse )

*sigh of relief* I am free to be content for a few more months now.. All I'm wondering is why on earth was it all folded up and in the depths of my drawer? Interesting.

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doop doopity doop [19 Jan 2003|03:00pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I created something today.. my first thing with my new paint, paintbrushes, palatte, and easel. I don't know what to call it.. but anyway.. it looks a lil dull because of my cam.. but oh well.. here it is.. and a sruvey too

to save your friends pages from taking years to loadCollapse )

my sister is coming home today.. yep.. my dad is coming back from being out of town too.. I don't have school tomorrow which is cool..

I need to call Madalyn.. buh bye

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dizang [15 Jan 2003|07:12pm]
[ mood | tired ]

dunno why i did another one.. guess i'm kinda bored!

i probably won't do another one for another million years

i iz borededCollapse )

i need to get more friends on my list.. no one ever updates!

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".. or is it.. *WINK WINK WINK* B. A CASTRATED ROOSTER *WINK WINK NUDGE*.." [15 Jan 2003|06:11pm]
[ mood | pooped ]

ahh today was so much fun! MY exams weren't too bad.. I know I didn't fail or anything.. so that's good. After the exams I felt really hyper and happy and madalyn, jessie, and I were running around being silly while we were waiting for our friend Gabe to finish his choral exam! When Gabe finished up we all piled into his car and we drove to the top of this parking deck on top of 7th street uptown and Jessie and Gabe s'ed some p. Madalyn and I just filmed them and made fun of them.. Jessie some how got it all over her teeth and it was really funny. Her and gabe went out side the car and were talking when madalyn and I were filming shit when this security guard comes up. We thought they caught them on cam s'in p or something so Gabe and Jessie ran away. It turns out that we just weren't allowed to have a camera on the top deck or something.. ?.. anyway so we ran around looking for Gabe and Jessie but we lost them for about an hour or more. We found them eventually and they were so scared. They felt bad for making us run around looking for them for an hour.. so gabe bought us some sushi! mm! Then we went to this cute little cafe called Tic Tac Cafe. It was really nice and cozy in there.. and Gabe bought me a sandwich.. which was really great.. and it came with fruit so I felt like I was fulfilling my dietary plans. The lil cafe was closing up so we walked to Starbucks and we played cranium.. or tried to anyway. I think Madalyn and I won.. but I don't know if we really played the right way! After that shizzle we walked back to the parking deck. We realized that we had been parked there for a long time.. and Gabe didn't want to pay the parking fee, so we followed this car really closely, and when the bar lifted for them to exit, we zoomed right after it before the bar came back down. It was sneaky/scar/so fucking fun. We were going like 90mph in a parking deck.. it was fun.

The day was just really fun and I had a great time.. I laughed like the whole day.. well except for when M and I lost G and J.. that sucked and I was kinda pissed. I've never really hung out with Gabe before.. he's so nice! he's going to burn me a copy of this Flaming Lips CD.. and I'm excited because I like them a lot. I hope we get to hang out more often :).

But yeah I feel sooooooo much better today.. I felt so sun shiny and more clear and just.. better! I liked it. I think I'm getting back to normal now...

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yo yo [02 Jan 2003|01:10pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Okay guys.. I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now but I think I've finally decided this morning.. I am going to make my LJ friends-only from now on. I thought about it and the only people i really want reading my life and the only people i want to really be apart of that life are the peole who are already on my friends list. so, if you want to add me to your friends list then go ahead, but otherwise, if I don't know who you are then you ain't reading my shiet.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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three times' a charm [01 Jan 2003|11:51am]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, Happy Fucking New Year everyone.

I don't remember the last time I posted so.. I'm posting about new years, okay? neat.

Well yesterday I woke up all early and I decided to take a shower.. so i did. Jess and I just sat around.. starving ourselves in order to appreciate the food completely at J's house. Jess did something weird to her neck or something, so she was hurting all day. J came over and saved us from Puff's BF's kids and took us to his house where we pigged out blissfully on the little party foods. We chowed on the shrimp and the pickles.. mm.. After that little feast we watched all the old guys jam out in the basement.. I got excellent footage of that shiet. The band was really great.. i enjoyed myself a lot.

After that little performance we decided to just head on over to the part-ay after a brief rest in J's room. When we got to the party people were exploding out the door to see J. Jess and I just kind of shyly walked into the house. I almost puked as soon as i got in there because it smelled like beer sooooo strongly. We got there like 5 minutes bfore midnight and everyone was passing around bottles of champaigne. Jess made me pinky promise to get wasted with her.. so we did.. and it was kind of scary too because all the guys were so damn horny and all over the place. Eventually Jess got horny too and she dragged J upstairs to leave me all by my lonesome self not knowing anyone at the party.. but that was okay because I was drunk enough to be some what social. I just watched people play cards as i took over the music and put on all this radiohead stuff.. i stumbled upstairs because I was bored and I thought I'd wait for J and jess to get out.. but I got bored of that too, and it was making me fall asleep. So.. i went BACK down stairs and just hung out and got really excited when i found a Schmirnoff Ice just laying around. Eventually Jess came back down and i yelled at her cuz i was in drunk emotional phase at that point.. i apologized later though.. pinky promises my ass, lol. Anyway.. after that shizzle we all just went kind of crazy. Me and Brad, I think, pulled down our pants in the kitchen. Jessika was going to do it too but J wouldn't let her. We did it earlier though, so it was okay.. Then I looked around and Brad pulled his pants up so I felt kind of dumb.. and i pulled mine back up as well. I don't remember much after that.. I just remember ending up upstairs and talking to Brad about everything in the fucking world for a really really long time.. This girl came out of this room and was like, "Okay, I think you guys have covered everything in the book, so can you please go downstairs, we are trying to sleep." So, we cleared out but that was the end of our discussions. I don't remember much from that point to the point when I ended up in this shed thing looking for a heater for Jess and Brad. We got this attic door to open and Brad and I rummaged through all the old junk that was up there. It was cold, apparently, out there.. because brad was freezing.. and i wasn't cold but I couldn't stop shaking. Heh, he found this old plaid hunter/fisherman looking jacket and threw that on to keep warm. We chatted some more, then ended up keeping eachother warm... then we ended up back inside.. finishing up the rest of the night.. with a few interruptions. I don't remember when I fell asleep exaclty.. but it wasn't for too long..

At like, 6am or something.. the kid that threw the party, who also passed out at 12:30, comes down and he's got marker all over him and it was pretty funny yet sad in a way. He was kind of astonished at the mess we made.. i felt bad for him. I tried to go back to sleep but everyone seemed to be up and talkin.. so i got up and went to see if J and Jess were up.. they weren't and I didn't know what to do so I just went for a little stroll outside. When i came back i was pretty tired so I just fell back asleep. I woke up and Brad had left and more people seemed to be awake.. and they were all laughing at J and Jess and the bottle o f lotion they had next to them.. so i crawled over to them and tried to wake them up so that we could leave, but they wouldn't wake up >:O. I fell asleep again, by them, and woke up to, "look their little friend wants in on it too!" Jessika and J finally got up and we decided to get the hell out of ther.. because I wanted to take a shower really bad, and J and Jess wanted to sleep in a more quiet environment. So off we went.

now we are home and i am kind of hungry. J and Jess are sleeping behind me.. i'm kind of tired myself.. i might go sleep on the couch or something.

all in all i'd say my new years was pretty cool. I got to know brad a lot better and that was cool because he's a pretty amazing person. Even though i don't really remember a lot of it.. i think i had fun and was laughing 90% of the time.. so I'm glad we went.

yawn yawn yawn, tired.

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grr [31 Dec 2002|02:31am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i'm sick of you. I've done without you up until now and I think I can keep doing that until I go insane or something and actually think you are what you say. so just get back on your little horse and ride off into your stupid sunset. i don't need you.

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looks like a survey [30 Dec 2002|06:35pm]
[ mood | blah ]

ritz crackers and cheddar cubesCollapse )

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LyssFaceMonkeyHoe [29 Dec 2002|03:41pm]
[ mood | sore ]

okay i haven't been posting because I'm usually too lazy/tired when i get the chance!

Lets see.. on Friday we woke up pretty early.. 11ish lol... oh yea i ended up falling back to sleep.. Anyway we got up and got ready and went to J's house. He took us out to chili's and we were all just sitting there being really cold/tired. We headed off to the mall after that and my head was spinning from being so tired. We just shopped around here and there.. i wanted to buy these shoes from Pac Sun but.. i decided to save my money just in case. We ran into Josh P in FYE and it was pretty cool. I feel bad because I would have chatted more but I was so fucking tired and I was concentrating enough on keeping my eyes open.. Anyway so it was nice to see him, at least! I bought a Beck CD but it turns out it is this high tech piece of shit that doesn't work in anything. So I'm pissed cuz that was 18 bucks out of my vacation expenses.. which, btw.. are down to 20 bucks already. Dang :\. So we left the mall and headed over to this headshop type of thing. I got some insense and J and JEss touched everything that said DONT TOUCH on it lol. the guy yelled at them but they didn't hear so i had to drag them away. We left that place and i was like falling asleeep in the car.. so we just ended up back at J's house and fallin asleep together on his bed.. while the music on the Incubus DVD played over and over. I woke up around 6:30 or so and i woke jess up since i didn't know if we'd be late for the Imax or whatever.. and J got up right after all hyper already. We called around to see if peeps were going but i guess that wasn't happenin so we just decided to rent a movie and have people over later! So out we went to Target to get some things for J's room.. we picked up Jolly on the way to blockbuster and we rented Death to Smoochie. We all got back and as soon as we did the two others came.. Katey and Dave? I think? I dont know. Anyway so we watched the movie and i was still so tired and falling asleep.. When the movie was over everyone pretty much immediately went home. J decided to come over to Jess' house so that we could hang around for awhile before he had to go home. We just sat around and I was so tired/falling asleep. J left and we went to bed and slept good sleeps.

Yesterday J woke us up at some time I forget. He came over later on and we all got ready and munched on some cold chicken and chugged coke from the bottle. We got all bundled up and went to J's house to get the rest of the stuff we needed and then we were on our way to Mt Holly. It was a fun lil ride.. jammin out in the car. When we got there, there was a lil conflict that i didn't really understand.. but that eventually got better later. Jess took me to this one hill and I tried learning how to snowboard. I don't think i did too well. I fell on my ass like 4 times.. and then this one time I fell backwards with my full body and slammed my head on the snow. It hurt so fucking bad i just layed there for a while. Then i twisted my leg in a weird way and i was like, "enough of this.. lets go find J." so we did and J and Jess decided to go down this huge hill. I sat and watched as these two black specks slowly made it down the hill. Then the went off to this other hill and I just sat there drawing in the snow. This guy walked by and was like, "if you cant run with the big dogs dont bother getting off the porch." or something like that.. Jess and J came back and Jess and i returned our gear and came back for J. We went back to the car and left dat place.. leaving Jess' snowboots behind :\. We just drove around trying to find hot topic for a band that J wants or something. He bought me some McDonald's.. thatwas nice. I chowed that and by the time i finsihed we were back at home. J and Jess took a bath and i just sat on the computer chatting to some buds. We decided to watch MIB2 and to finish off some Xmas beer and wine. It got a lil crazy for me. Jesse happened to be drunk too and i guess there were a few confessions of affection here and there. He insisted on calling.. so he did and Jessika eventually got me to talk to him on the phone. We ended up talking for about an hour or so about all kinds of things. It was nice.. but i still don't think JEsse and i will ever be good as anything but what we already are.. besides.. i dont want to be thrown back into having a boyfriend thing. I dont think he really wants it either. He's half dating this Courtney girl.. so it just isn't really meant to be i guess! I'm kind of relieved about that though. Anyway so after that shizzle we popped in Faithful and chowed on chips and dip and mini pizzas. The movie was really long and kind of like Death to Smoochie in that there were 3978 different climazes and problems. When it ended we climbed into bed and chatted awhile about aliens and death and what not. The usual chitter chat before you fall asleep. And asleep we went after awhile.

I dont know what we are doing now.. i think we gotta go visit J at work before he gets off so that he can give me a creme soda. Jess is gettin ready.. I think I'm gunna wrap this up.

I just wanna say, the more I'm up here the more i want to just.. want to stay here foreverr. I'm having so much fun and doing so many cool things and it has only been 2/3 days. I dont wanna leave! but you know how it is..

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"guys, what is coming out of the things?" [27 Dec 2002|07:29am]
[ mood | awake ]

well today has been awesome, as expected!

I arrived at the detroit airport around 2:15ish and a few minutes later was attacked from behind by jessika. I turn around and justin is tapin us as jessika is giving me 23987 hugs. It was a cute moment. I waited like 2798 years for my bag, like always, and I was quietish, as always.

We left the airport and went to Rob and Heath's house, like we usually do when I fly in! We made little plans to meet Rob and Heath at The Little Cafe, but when we got there, J got a call on his cell from Heath sayin that they wanted to meet at Olgas instead! So, back on the road we went!

Olgas was nice.. everyone poked fun since I spilt my coke all over last time. I didn't do it this time, though! I was still kinda quietish at this point.

After olgas we started our journey to St. Andrews. I started to become more and more excited.. we passed Steve's Place and I got pretty dang excited. We went into the venue to see if we could get our tickets.. No one was even there yet but the bands so we just strolled in there like it was okay. We were kinda scared that we were gunna get thrown out so Jess had a quick chat with Kevin and then we were on our way back to the car until doors opened. In the car we just talked about all kinds of things. Jessika got a great idea to get Thin Wheats and Red Bull so that we could get hyper for the show.. So, we walked like 2739487 miles till we found a store that sold Thin Wheats. We walked back and kept standing on the poop steam from the sewers to get warm. When we got in the car we all downed the 6 energy/diet supplement pills and chugged the red bull. It didn't seem to be taking any affect, but i realized, when we were jamming out to Lost Prophets and screaming at the top of our lungs inside this lil honda, that it was starting to kick in. We decided to head on into the venue and we got our tickets and stuff. Not before I got in trouble for trying to run to the bathroom before I got a ticket. The lady grabbed me and threw me back. I was pissed/scared. Oh yea I forgot to mention that I threw a snowball at Justin in the line in front of the venue and it got all over his neck and candy necklace. I kind of wish I never threw that dang snowball because it caused this big ordeal. What happened was since I got the necklace wet, all the dye on the candy beads got all over J's neck. Jessika was tryin to clean it and she was tryin to get the necklace off, when she broke it. J did not appreciate this one bit and him and Jess got in a lil tiff. Oh and this was the second time we got in trouble because the security guard lady made us pick up all the beads. So anyway there I was mediating back and forth between Jess and Just and tryin to get them to be happy. I gave J my candy necklace to compensate for his broken one, but he just ended up breaking it and throwing it into the trash :(. Eventually things settled down though and we all started to have fun! We were just ruinning around, sagging our pants, huggin' eachother, being weird.. you know, things we do best! Anyway... on to trouble #3 when we were sitting on this WOODEN ledge thing and they told us to get off.. really meanly too.. as if we were going to break the stupid thing. The first band came out and we just sat around downstairs. Then Arizing came on and we all went upstairs and just kinda chilled out on the floor. So much for energy pills cuz I was like.. trying not to fall asleep. Anyway then we got in trouble AGAIN because we had our knees up on these hand rail things.. ooh big deal. So we split that scene so that we could go down to the floor for F81. I found a CD on the floor and I picked it up to add to my demo collection and this lady tapped me on the head and told me to give it to her.. so i did since i'm a wus and i was really scared of her. F81 started and it was really fun. We were standing just outside of the moshpit area and it was fun watching the peeps push and shove. I wanted to get in it but the last time I got pulled into one of those I got a lovely blow to the back of my head and almost blacked out so i was a lil aprehensive to that shiet. Instead I just pushed this one girl into it.. or tried anyway, and she looked back at me really pissed, and I felt bad because I thought she wanted in it since she was standing right at the edge and jumping up and down. She smiled though and I guess everything was good. Then this really funny old guy pops up and starts waving his hands around when there was no music and he tells us that he is someone's uncle in the band. He ended up being escorted out by security later on in the evening. The concert wrapped up and we made our way outside and pushed through all the people who had been kicked out. The security people were assholes. If you like, ran into them they'd kick you out.

So it was not till I got into the car did I realize that I felt a little odd. I thought it was just after-concert jitters or something but it was different. I was just going nuts inside.. I thought I was talking outloud but half the time I was just having a conversation with myself in my head. Jessika and J felt weird too. Our heads were going nuts and being all tingly, it was so weird. I guess taking 300mg of caffine plus Red Bull kinda screws you up.

So we got home and we started watching Requiem for a Dream. Good movie.. I was getting a little too into it i think.. I was all like, "NO!" and stuff. I was just flipping out inside from all the caffine. Anyway, so J had to go home eventually and Jess was sad, but that is okay cuz we are all going to the imax tonight. After the movie ended we went into the living room thing and had a nice long chat with puff. My mouth was like sandpaper inside and everytime I moved the whole ground would spin. It was scary. We decided to "go to bed" but we just came back in here and chilled out on the computer, convinced that there was no way we were getting to sleep with that much caffine in our systems.. I couldn't even shut my eyes guys. Justin and Jess had the same prob. Eventually we just decided to lay down in the dark and see where that would take us.. Cute.. puff pulls me out of the room to show me "the bargin of the century".. Anyway.. So we just chatted about all kinds of things. Jessika was finally able to shut her eyes.. and she said they were hard to open so I just let her fall asleep. I, on the otherhand, was still wide awake and I kept staring at the same spot for about an hour. I timed my heartbeat and it was 96 beats per minute. Crazy huh? I'm suprised I didn't have a heart attack. I could feel my whole body beating. It was the weirdest sensation. Eventually I slipped into a light sleep, yet I kept waking up every 30 minutes from these horrible dreams that were so realistic. I had to convince myself that it wasn't real. Finally I just got out of bed and I stumbled into the bathroom. When i got in the bathroom everything went black and i kinda leaned against the wall for support till everything came back. I washed my face and peed again to get the caffine out of my system. I stumbled back to bed and I woke jess up because I didn't want puff to be late for work. We stayed up for a lil while longer online.. talkin to bernoid and stuff.. checkin LJs. Jess went back to bed.. but I can't sleep. I think I've gotten all the sleep I'm going to get for tonight :\. That's the last time I take Thin Wheats.. or at least all 6 at the same time with Red Bull.

now I'm just sittin.. tryin to figure out what i'm gunna do for the rest of the night/mornin till jess wakes up. Cute she just snored really loud.

Maybe I'll crawl back into bed.. maybe i can fall asleep if i try really hard again...

goodnight kids

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last post [25 Dec 2002|11:54pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

okay I think i'm about to hit the hay.

I've been working on my LJ for a while but I got kind of bored so I just slacked off kinda and cheated. It doesn't look that aweseome but it is a change so that is good.

Tomorrow I am getting up aroune 8:30 so I can take a shower and shiet and then finish packing and getting my shit together. I'm going to leave here around 10.. and go to my dad's office and leave there around 10:30. Then.. I'll be on my way to the airport! On from there I'll be on my way to michigan! So i think this is my last entry from charlotte.. unless I decide to post tomorrow morning.. which i doubt, but ya never know.

okay so I'm tiz.. very very tiz.. and I'm outta here now. goodnight!

grr.. ps.. i spent the evening burning CDs for the plane rides and i just remembered that my disc man thing is broken.. sucks.

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yawnnn [25 Dec 2002|02:41pm]
[ mood | tired ]

well this Christmas break has been good so far!

The Christmas thing turned out great :). I had a lot of fun I don't know about the rest of them. We all exchanged gifts and it was really nice. Here is what I got:

From Madalyn: Tye-Dye shirt and an ornament with my name on it
From Jeff: Bracelet, glitter(lol), and a necklace!
From Nick: cute headband halo thing that he said reminded him of me, AN INCUBUS DVD.. but it turned out to be really stupid.. but it was nice that he thought of that.. and... he freakin ordered the emotep CD for me.. I thought that was crazy.. I told him so too.
From Jessie: the purse that I left at her house lol, a notebook :D, this cute sign that says "Smile, it is the second best thing you can do with your lips", and a lollipop
From David: a stocking full of candy
From everyone: this cute mug that says "it is fun to have friends" with these two pandas playing

Everyone else loved their presents that they all got from each other.. it was a grande ol' night.

yesterday was kinda blah up until last night. We had a really nice dinner and afterwards we opened up one present. My sister got a leather jacket and a TV.. she got to open up another one since I got to open up my stereo for the party the night before.. anyway and I got a video camera. We had my dad open up the whisk that we bought him because just before that he was like, "DONT BUY ME A NEW WISK. I LIKE THE ONE I HAVE JUST FINE." so.. that was funny. Anyway after that we just played with my camera and eventually ended up in bed.

My dad woke me up this morning and we opened up the rest of the presents. My sister got a set of tools for her apartment from my dad, and a juice maker and a waffle iron from me.. yes I bought it with my own money.. anyway then my dad got some pajamas my sister made for him and a pot with a steamer and a pizza cutter thing too. I got a set of acryillic paint with paint brushes and some oil painting materials too.. I also got a cute little paint palate.. then I got an easel to top it all off heh. It is really nice and pretty.. and it has a little tool box thing built into it where I can put all my paint and stuff in. It is really cool.

So Christmas was kinda small this year.. but I thought it was kind of nice. I don't really need anything anyway and I feel bad enough for all the money that my dad probably shoveled out for the video camera. Plus we just had no Xmas spirit this year.. we don't even have Xmas ornaments on our tree. oh well.

now I have to do an ass load of laundry for my trip to Michigan tomorrow :). It feels so weird knowing that I'm goin back tomorrow.. I don't know.. it is just that I've waited for it since July/august and it is finally here! I can't wait to see old friends and meet new ones too.

well I'm outta herr.

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*ahem* [22 Dec 2002|09:40pm]
[ mood | calm ]

yo yo yo yo. It has been a while since I posted.. or been near a computer for that matter.

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Tomorrow Madalyn is coming over really early in the morning so that she can help me prepare for our little Pre-Christmas get together tomorrow. Her, Jessie, Jeff, Dave, Chico, and Nick are coming over early in the day so that we can decorate the 10 dollar christmas tree I got today and cook all day and just be together and be Jolly and Merry. they are all gunna spend the night and then we are gunna open up presents the next day. It should be really nice.

Well I'm going to go pee now.. before I pee my pants. I think I'll put this in an lj-cut.

1 Gone Bankrupt . . . Pay The Price.

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