Alyssa Jayne (safetydancer) wrote,
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well :\.. webspawner is an asshole and wont let me upload pics from their server anymore :(.. does anyone know where I can upload pics for free? I'm pissed.. all those pics are just gone. I don't know why my LJ bg is still up.. but whatev..

so yeah.. help.

I was thinking of getting a new LJ.. one that only MI people and internet people would know. My LJ name was kind of accidently spread recently and it kinda makes me uncomfortable.. and I never really liked having people from charlotte having access to my LJ since their friends have access to it as well. It kind of sucks cuz I've had this one up since Sept 2001. My fault I guess.. plus.. there is a lot of shit in here that is so stupid and just a lot of bad memories.. So I'm just gunna get rid of it.

Does anyone have an extra LJ-code they'd like to lend me?
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